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Basically, This Project is a mysql server installer.

(Install MySQL version 5.5.22)

In many months ago, I started to write an ERP project, I thought mysql database maybe a good choice for an individual or small companies.

I don't think my customers can install mysql server by themselves easily. And it may cause some unpredictable problem, not only the path error , but the server is not running error.

So I make this project (a dll can easily merge in your project) happen.

After add this reference in your project, you can easily install a mysql server in the path which you want to.
And start it , stop it (for decrease the memory using) with just one call.

There are 3 releases of this project.

Tiny Version: You can use it install the tiny version of the Mysql Server, this is for development or simply using (like ERP Application, etc.).

Full Version: You can use it install the full version of the mysql server, this is for mysql development or your server.

Mix Version: You can use it install both tiny version and full version, It depends on your choice.

Have fun with it , have fun with mysql database!

If you have any problem or want to do same change, feel free to contact me
Google plus: +Raistlin Kpp

Finally, and with my full respect, thanks to the SevenZipSharp project to save my lot of time.

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